“Moksha” Hand-Rolled Natural Incense Sticks


­čî┐Get the fragrance of India at your doorstep and enhance your ambiance with the calming fragrance of Saraswati Incense from Indian Room.

­čî┐Artha Incense is a high-quality and authentic incense stick made from a combination of various natural herbs as per ancient recipes. The herbs are carefully selected and processed into incense sticks by our experts at handicrafts in India. It is purely hand prepared from highly flavoured medicinal herbs and other precious substances.

­čî┐Furthermore, the smell of this stick incense is extremely pleasing and is perfect for enhancing the ambiance of the surroundings. Similarly, you can use Artha Incense to enhance your meditation and mindfulness practice. Likewise, you can also use this incense stick to enhance your focus and concentration. The combination of aesthetic fragrance, meditative, and mindful perks, along with enhancement of focus, makes this incense stick perfect for all types of occasions.

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