Shree Ramchandra – Sacred Dhoop Sticks Made With Natural Herbs


Shree Ramchandra – Sacred dhoop sticks made with natural ingredients

🌿Get the fragrance of India at your doorstep and enhance your ambiance with the calming fragrance of Ramchandra Dhoop incense dhoop from Indian Room.

🌿Shree Ramchandra dhoop is made using years-old sandalwood oil, sandalwood bark, and powder. Do not miss this chance to savour the most wonderful sandalwood dhoop stick ever made. Only pure incense can offer such gifts to the world due to its unique connections and traditional hand-made work. Breathe in the warm, powdery, woodsy aroma to begin your day with certainty.

🌿Shree Ramchandra Dhoop is a masterclass in the Golden Sandalwood; it has high notes but is very full-bodied and intense. A must for those Sandalwood aficionados who want nothing but pure Sandalwood smoke permeating their world.

🌿Sandalwood is a proven relaxant, decreasing anxiety, calming the nervous system, and assisting with better-quality sleep. Its benefits are realised upon inhalation of the sweet, woody fragrance or when absorbed through the skin.

FRAGRANCE: Sandalwood